Teflon Application
Paint finish is dirty and contaminated before washing.Dulled dirty finish.
Wash marks visible under dirty finish.Dulled finish.
Wash and swirl marks.Swirl marks show up in the sunlight.More swirls.Wash marks and paint contamination.Paint contamination.Rear end dulled finish.
Dulled finish due to contaminated paint.Wash marks.More wash marks.
Paint finish restored with high gloss and depth to the colour.Tail end.Tail end angled. There's more depth to the colour.Hey it's my reflection. Is this a car or a mirror?High gloss driver side.Head on. Black is not an easy colour to work with, but here's the result.
Wow! What a great finish.More reflections.High gloss tail end.Just awesome!Head on again.
BMW before washing
BMW after washing, before compound, polish & Teflon
BMW after Teflon
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