Interior Detail
Large gravy stain in the trunk.Small gravy stain in the trunk.Front passenger door.Front passenger door pocket.Stereo and air conditioner controls.Glovebox and dashboard with lots of build up.
The back of the passenger front seat with extremely heavy build up. Steering wheel.Driver side carpet.Driver side door panel.Driver side door pocket.Driver side seat with a stain.
Large gravy stain gone.Small gravy stain gone.Passenger door panel spotless.Passenger door pocket spotless.Glovebox and dashboard bright and clean.Front seats all clean.
Back of front seats spotless. Rear seat and carpet clean.Driver's seat stain gone.Steering wheel and driver's carpet all clean and bright.Driver's door panel clean.Headliner clean, but left with minor stains from years of build up without regular cleaning.Headliner clean, but left with minor stains from years of build up without regular cleaning.
Mitsubishi Lancer before detailing (7-8 Years of build up)
Mitsubishi Lancer after detailing (All gone in 1 day.)
Headliner with heavy build up.Headliner with even heavier build up.Rear seat and carpet with heavy build up. Center console and cupholder.
Cupholder spotless and ready to hold a couple of drinks again.
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